Wednesday July 10th

  • <p dir=ltr> Hey Tumblr! Great start today, woke up at 10 and got to the station at around 11.30. Class was pretty fun. After class we went to cha time and after class I met up with teechungy. Be waited 40 minutes for me cus he finished class early and hung around with vinh. What a nice boy ^_^.<br>
  • Met up wit Shota st Flemington and we bused it home together. Found out that theres a high chance that Danny will get back with Annie...she's so silly for giving him a second chance. He's not even worth it in my opinion. Went home and watched a little bit of hangover and went to sleep</p>

Tuesday 9th Of July 2013 

Hey tumblr! Today i woke up to total darkness at 6am, layered up today and wrapped a thick scarf around my neck. Waited for Alex and we ended up taking the 7.40 train. I was afraid I was going to be late and contemplated on skipping class. On the train ride, there was this cute asian guy with two girls with him. 

Alex: *eyes me* look at them girls and their fake lashes. Why is he with them? He should be with you?

Me: ………..*shaking head at alex*

Alex: What? You’re prettier than both of them. You should do that hair flip that cameron diaz does in charlie’s angels when you walk out. 

Me: stfu.

Arrived 10 minutes late and teacher was okay with it. She’s soooooo nice! Sat next to this girl who was sitting next to Sarina who turns around to me and said “Evelyn?” To my suprise it was Lily from primary school! She was doing civil engineering for one and a half years and was fed up with it so decided to do this course in hopes to transfer to medical radiation at RMIT. 

Class was pretty chill, we did alot of activities and the two asian girls (Liz and Christine) came late as well. They always dress nice I swear, and put so much effort to look good…false lashes, heels, eyeshadow, rich as looking bag, etc, etc. 

Went to the cafteria with lily and Sarina and ordered a thick pizza slice for 2.50 which isn’t bad. 

Sarina: *talking about her friend’s relationship*

Lily: Being in a relationship is tough and hard work

Me: Well I’ve never beeen in one so I wouldn’t know

Sarina: Me either 

Me: So you have a bf lily?

Lily: Technically yes…we’ve known each other for 6 years. I consider it as “seeing someone”.

Me: O.O wow 6 years?! So you met him in highschool?

Lily: Yeah, his name’s Alan…Alan Mai?

Me: *sudden realization that her bf was the guy grinding on me at blurple and asking for one dance*  Nah I haven’t heard of him before.


Walked back to our one hour lecture which had only 9 people in total. Our teacher is soooooo laid back I love it! She’s like a girl version of mr milner. I’d treat her more as a friend than a teacher. Her names Chris.

We did an intro around the whole class and had to talk a bit about ourselves..everyone works which is surprising! Foot locker, ethihad, the two asian girls work at a call centre, brumby’s, crown, etc

After class, I went to cacao green and ordered a regular with four toppings i think..and the total was almost 10 dollars. So expensive, it made me tear eating it.

Walked back to the station and bused it home with Lily and we were half sleeping on the bus ride. She drove me home…so sweet! She lives close to Sam’s house. Talked about movies on the car ride home! 

Ohh and Sarina and Lily wants to join a club :3 yay!

Went home and decided to take tyson for a walk because the weather was lovely all of the sudden. Dropped by at jenny’s house and talked for half an hour outside while tyson sat on the porch like a good dog.

Now I’m going to watch world war z with jenny and her cousins! Yippeeeee

Monday 8th Of July

Hey tumblr! Didn’t get much sleep last night cus I decided to give my hair a bit of a trim so I ended up sleeping at 1. Woke up at 6 am, got ready and stepped out to the cold weather! My hands were sooooo numb I couldn’t feel my fingers on the steering wheel and it was so dangerous to drive because the windows were full of ice. I tried putting some water on it but it didn’t melt off…like that would happen dad!

Met alex at the station after sitting on my seat shaking, freeezing my arse off and missed our train because we had to wait for Nhi. Talked and talked. Found out she was doing associate’s degree in health science as well! Nhi is so cute and a nice person to talk to. She seems so kind and humble.

On the bus before leaving Alex drew on the foggy window of the bus “Evelyn <3 Peter”. I had such a fast reaction to that, I rubbed it off straight away.

Met her friends but I can’t rmbr their names. Arrived at building 56 and a few other people from semester one came as well. Sat with a group of girls and Nhi and they told me a bit about each teacher.

Went to meet up with alex and his friend maha afterwards. She’s pretty :3. 

Talked about relationships and all that.

Left at 2.30 after they met up with their friend Emma. Ate maccas and did some shopping in priceline- eyedrops, and temt-infinity scarf.

Met up with Jenny and trammed it to cacao green and then Schnitz. Ordered the americano and small chips. #regret #whatisdiet?

Met up with Alex and trained it back to footscray and opshopped in savers. Purchased a jacket, cardigan and skirt.

Went home and watched Hamish and Andy’s gap year.

This post is really rushed and bland because I’m so tired and I just want to sleep. It was a good day today tumblr, I was surrounded by a bunch of cheery people today :) 


Sunday 7th Of July

My last day of my long year break was spent in the living room watching movies with Jenny and Lili and Kevin. Watched the host with Lili and then the Olympus has fallen.

Toto climbed on Jenny’s lap but it made her really uncomfortable 

Jenny: What is she doing??! How do I carry her off?


I want to express how scared I am of Tyson right now. I was simply hugging him when he was lying in his small bed and he growled. I continued doing it like 4-5 times and he would growl everytime. He turned around and tried to bite me…

Never in my life did I see tyson as a threat; even though i aggravated him, I would never expect him to turn around and try to attack me. 

It will be a long time before I act crazy around him again…

Big sigh

Saturday, 6th Of July, 2013 

Soooo I didn’t end up sleeping early yesterday after I ended the phone call with Alex cus I was youtubing. 

Woke up to my annoying alarm and turned it off three times! I was meant to go jogging with Jenny and Lili but that didn’t go to plan. Was meant to meet alex at 12…but woke up at 11.10 so had to rush everything. Once again, Lili and I were late. Anywhooo we walked to the optometrist and asked for the price of the fresh look contact lense but was told that Alex had to get his eye checked and all that whatnot…decided to walk out and head to Footscray.

Walked around coles for a bit and went to Savers after. Before entering there was this angry man holding a pocket knife right outside the entrance of Savers. Don’t know why but he was scratching this stranger’s vehicle. Made plenty of scratches, and walked back to his car after he was done. Oh, how I love footseecraycray!

We spent plenty of our time in Savers, probably three hours! I loveeee all of my purchases I bought today. (will upload a gay video of lili doing the haul later. Thanks for the co-operation Lili! Love ya) Spent around 37 dollars in total which isn’t bad at all considering the amount of items I bought in total.

Oh fuck! Just rmbred I need to hang the washing….but it’s 2 a.m and I’m so lazy. (gonna do it now and then finish this post after #big sigh) 

Okay, so after that we went around footscray and went to two eyewear places in search for some cheap fresh look contacts. Cheapest was 30 dollars so Alex purchased that in the colour honey.

After arriving at the City, we all purchased a foot long sub at subway and devoured it all and stayed for a bit at the food court talking.

Went to RMIT because I wanted to get my student card done and the free diary but the hub was closed :(. 

Walked around the city and china town looking for some contact lense case and I ended up purchasing myself my first pair of circle lenses! They’re sooooo comfy compared to the freshlook; too bad they’re not prescripted. I bought it for the price of 20 (apparently it used to be 60). i’m not used to looking at myself with huge irises but I’m getting a hang of this new look. 

We picked on Lili by pretending she was our kid and pinching her cheeks. I arm linked with Alex (I’m his wife) and we were talking in viet to Lili, telling her “its okay don’t cry okay? We’ll take you to boost next time” (since it was closed) She just pouted. LMAO so fun picking on lili and giving her a knuckle sandwich on the head. Before departing the city, we stopped at Chai tea. I bought a mango green tea with aloe vera pieces. Delish! Oh yeah I remember Alex giving me a huge slap on the ass. The sting omg…bloody bitch. Oh yeah and he tried dragging me into the male toilets in mc -.-”

Bused it home and gossiped on the way. There was this pretty girl on the bus, couldn’t help but stare cus something about her made her look so effortlessly beautiful! She was sitting next to steph (short asian steph) 

Went home and sorted out my closet. Thy came over and we watched the host together. Such a great movie! Would like to thank Jenny for recommending me it. Kathy liked it too! but thought Wander at the end was pretty ugly. Going to watch it with Lili tomorrow :3

Jenny and Kevin came too but they watched a hong kong movie in the front. Kevin forgot to log out on his fb account on my phone so….being a bad person that I am, I read his messages with Joanne. Omg they are like soooooo cute! (He has a crush on her and apparently she likes him too). I read only a little bit but here’s what I can rmbr.

They were playing this truth or dare game and kevin picked truth

J: Do you like me or cat more?

K: does itreally have to be this question? let me think

J: pleaaasee? tell me

K: you ask such evil questions…. ok you

J: Why do you like me more?

K: cus you’re not annoying

J: I am annoying though ;P

K: not annoying as cat 

…….few msgs after

K: You know how I told you i thought cat was annoying? Well I lied. I dont think she is at all

J:……….then why do you like me more?

K: I dont want to say

J: Pleassssseee tell me? :D 

K: Cus you’re prettier

J: Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwws you’re so sweet!

Friday, 5th of July, 2013

Hey tumblr! I think it’s time that I start clean eating and exercising. I want to tone my body and slim my legs. Today I ate so unhealthily and I ate quite alot too, but it was so worth it. hahaha…my diet can start tomorrow.

Alex called me while I was doing my makeup in the morning, and he told me he missed talking to me! I miss talking to him too! It’s only been a few days since I last saw him but it seems like a month since I’ve seen him LOL. He told me about how much I missed on the clubbing event on Wednesday night with Himashi and Tutku. :( Make me feel even worse why don’t ya?!

After the phone call, dad drove me and Lili to Footscray and we waited for Emily. Trammed it to highpoint and ate at Pancake Parlours. I had Potato and cheese (a savoury dish).I was a bit hesitant to try it but it was totally worth it! So fattening though. Thinking about how much calories I ate today just makes me feel like shit. There was a scoop of butter on top that we had to spread on top of the pancake…

Went to factorie and Emily and Lili were being huge bitches to me. Emily was obviously joking but she said “Just shush Evelyn, quit talking.” Like WTF??? I was talking to Lili not you!!! Felt myself heating up so I just walked out. Emily can be so insensitive sometimes! Sigh

Met up with Jenny afterwards who was eating by herself in the food court and we walked around highpoint. Things didn’t go out to plan so we didn’t end up going cho gao with tram to pre drink with Cedric, etc. Tram pisses me off when she gives us blunt replies! She told us to stop being stubborn and just go with the others…She doesn’t know how awkward it is with Danny and Peter there! If tram was there it would be slightly less awkward in my opinion. Fuck sakes. 

Ate some tutti frutti and then purchased some items at Priceline. Bought lip gloss from Rimmel for half price, revlon eyelash curler, and Pantene.

Went back to the food court and ate some wedges from maccas…totally not worth it for three bucks! Being the indecisive people that we are, jen and I were conflicted and didn’t know whether to go city or just go home so we call tram, hoping that she would maybe change her mind to go to the city with us…but she was driving so we ended the phone call. I asked her why she couldnt come and she replies “busy”…. -.-” whatevs tram.

Saw sam and Ken at highpoint and Sam called me asking where I was..I told her to turn around and we walked together to chemist warehouse. Afterwards we were heading off to the car park but Ken wanted to go playtime with me and Jen to play house of dead and so we did! Omg, he’s so good at aiming and shooting, he got a B and I got a D…reason why I only want to play with women. (yeah i’m being sexist here)

Played a racing game I- came 6th…Ken came 1st. Gooddamit! Guys gtfo next time plz..women only!!

Bought some lollies and Ken drove me and Jen back to my house. The ride back home was sooooooooo fun! I mean, I laughed alot. I miss the three of us girls chilling together. We were talking about random things like:

  • Joanne Le being a legit ho
  • Joanne at maccas shouting “CHAUUUUUIEEE”
  • Whether we would be called a Ho or a Whore…(i thought it was the same thing??)
  • Ken talking about inception 
  • Ken wanting to crash the car into the pole any second
  • us laughing at the thought of that 
  • me laughing at the thought of sam getting hit by a pole

Jenny chilled for a bit at my house with tyson. 
Overall, it wasn’t a waste cus I got to spend it with Jenny and Samantha. They make my day :D 

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Oh Hey Hey Hey!

So……I decided to start fresh and make a new blog where hopefully, I would dedicate my time and effort into everyday (well, most days). Since I’ll be starting uni in a few days, I would be keen to write about my experience at RMIT!

Previously, I had another blog but I was sooooooo lazy and rarely used it; most of the time, I just didn’t finish my post and would publish half of my day. LMAO. I was reading my entries before, and I’ve got to say, I had an interesting year, met alot of new people and had weird experiences, shared fun times with my friends and went through sad times where I wanted to talk to no one but one person, my mum. 

I’ll make a quick summary of this week and last week.

  • my order from betts came in! 
  • found out I start uni on the 8th…not the 22nd. It puzzled me a bit because on the calender it said higher degree students start on the 22nd so I thought I was doing tafe…turns out my course follows the tafe timetable. 
  • Went to BLURPPPLE but pre drank at cho gao. (seemed like we had more fun at cho gao though). Unfortunately, we bumped into “the family” and it was just so awksimageimageimageimageimageimage
  • Went maccas afterwards and random dude asked for a bite.
  • Jenny broke it off with Danny on facebook. Never asked if he was okay but I feel like I shouldn’t. He made a youtube account too! I like watching his vlogs but I hate how he puts music in the background.
  • Went to Jenny’s house to chill and finished a whole packet of chips whilst waiting for tram 
  • Tram picked us up and we chilled at hers instead.image

    yeah this picture was attached on her fridge.

  • Alex asked me to go clubbing at TRAK with him on the same day 
  • I was up for it even thought it was last minute. Dad was cool with it cus I dragged Lili along.
  • Met Sy, one of Alex’s boys and he was like another blagoj on the dance floor. 
  • Walked to macca’s afterwards which was like a 30-1 hour walk. But we had fun along the way. Alex and I shared my cardigan and it ended up stretching….well no shit.
  • Encountered some racist drunk white people who were like “hey! is that Psy???!” 
  • Cabbed it home and chilled in my room for three hours. Went to sleep at 7am in the morning.image

    lmfao, mucking around. Being all kawaii


    yeah, he’s my hairdresser….image



    2 models in 1 pic

  • Alex slept in Lili’s room though
  • Dyed lili’s hair after dying it a lighter colour the first time and it went back to her jet black hair. #uberfail
  • Went to highpoint with all my aunts. Shota, Cedric and teechungy saw me while I was talking to sam and Annie at Sushi Sushi and chilled with them at highpoint. Went to playtime and they wanted to prank their friend Phil. 
  • Bused it back to cedric’s (he has a nice house)
  • image

  • Stayed there til 1. lmaooooooo
  • Tram picked me up (what a good friend, all thanks to jen) and drove me, jen and teechungy home.